ARES® Task Book

As an ARES organization HMB ARES uses a Task Book as way for members to record their progress through recommended and optional courses and exercises.

Task Book Concept

The Task Book is a working document that enables those ARES® communicators electing to participate in the ARRL training plan to track and document their training plan elements as they are completed towards the various levels of increasing proficiency. The Task Book should contain all training plan items, completion dates and sign-offs as the ARES® communicator transitions through the three skill levels. The ARES® communicator is responsible for maintaining his/her Task Book and having it with him/her during training and assignments. The Task Book also contains sections with definitions of the communicator levels, as well as common responsibilities.

Since the Task Book is personal to each ARES Communicator, each user should feel free to adapt it to their needs and requirements of their geographical region.

NOTE: it is important to keep track of the version of your Task Book. HMB ARES will announce updates and publish new versions over time.

FAQ (click to expand)

What is a Task Book?

  • Course List - a list of ARRL and FEMA on-line courses

  • Suitable for all Levels - from casual / independent participants, to members who wish to build skills, training is arranged in levels

  • Record of Completions - a form where you can fill the dates of course completions

  • Localized - the Task Book will be refined over time to reflect the needs of the Coastside ARES organization

What are the three skill levels?

  1. Level 1 - Entry level into ARES®, includes skills learned when obtaining an Amateur Radio license

  2. Level 2 - Set of skills desired by ARES® obtained through coursework and training

  3. Level 3 - Increased skill set that initiates a pathway to leadership positions and assignments

What can each level do?

  1. Level 1, participate:

    • as a CERT in an exercise or CERT activation (not all CERT activities require CERT training completion)

    • coastside events such as athletic events (marathons, bike races, etc.)

    • Dream Machines

    • training and exercises that have no prerequisite requirements, or are "open" to all

  2. Level 2, participate:

    • staff agency facilities (requires additional agency-specific training and experience)

  3. Level 3:

    • Increased skill set that initiates a pathway to ARES leadership positions and assignments